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Elmec Italia  is an independent advisory and engineering company active in Europe and abroad, since 1998,  in the fields of Energy & Power, Waste & Environment, Real Estate, Innovative Products and Technologies. Founded by highly qualified professionals and managers with solid background and skills developed in previous working experiences with industrial, engineering and consulting companies, Elmec Italia represents a flexible and multidisciplinary partner to support clients in developing of new projects and in making the “best decisions” for new investments.

Elmec Italia, from the beginnings of the 2000s, provides consultancy and environmental engineering services based on the proven ability to integrate the various disciplines with a deep experience in managing even large projects. Knowledge of local, national and community legislative and regulatory aspects completes the picture of professional skills.

Elmec Italia, in addition to continuing its activities in the environmental sector mostly dedicated to the realization of Environmental Impact Assessments, has diversified its activities by acquiring considerable professional experience in the renewable energy sources. Particularly in the design, consultancy, monitoring, evaluation of renewable source plants and the formulation of energy policies at a local and international level in the exploitation of forms of energy such as biogas, solar and wind. In the green building sector, the company produced energy projects for sports facilities and commercial activities, for public and private entities.

Elmec Italia S.r.l. obtained, in July 2008, the ISO 9001: 2000 certification, for the following activities: environmental impact studies, activities in the environmental sector, in renewable energy, in planning linked to green building.


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