Just as energy is the basis of life itself,
and ideas are the source of innovation,
so innovation is the vital spark of all the changes,
the improvements and human progress.

(Theodore Levitt)

The company


ELMEC is an independent consulting and engineering company active in Italy and abroad in the fields of Energy & Power, Waste & Environment, Real Estate, Innovative Products and Technologies. Founded by highly qualified professionals and managers with solid background and skills developed in previous working experience with industrial, engineering and consulting companies, EIC represents a flexible and multidisciplinary partner to support clients in developing of new projects and in making the “best decisions” for new investments.
Elmec provides technical consultancy services in the energy and environmental sector based on the proven ability to integrate the various disciplines with a profound experience in managing large projects.
The framework of professional skills is completed by knowledge of local, national and community legislative and regulatory aspects. The breadth and depth of our experience allow us to provide highly customized solutions based on the needs of each project and in strict compliance with the best practices, policies and regulations of the relevant markets. The professional figures operating within Elmec have the experience and knowledge to provide a clear assessment of the feasibility of the project, of the profitability, of the risk profile and of the management methods and to allow its effective implementationfor all of its life cycle.


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